•  If you desire to retake an assessment grade, you must download the following link RETAKE FORM fill it out, and email it to me at jdeleon@kyrene.org. At that point there will be an assessment retake grade that will be entered in the grade book, but the original grade will still remain along with the new grade. If the retake grade is worse than the original, the retake will not be recorded. 
    90 - 100% = A
    80 - 89% = B
    70 - 79% = C
    60 - 69% = D
    0 - 59% = F

    Grade Weighting

    80% = Assessments (Tests,Quizzes, & Projects)
    20% = Practice (Homework and other practice)

    Posting of Student Grades

    Grades will be posted in the Parent Portal regularly. Please check student grades there on a regular basis. Use the calendar view to check for assignment due dates.