Students earn grades by performing in rehearsals as well as participating in mandatory concerts. Grades are implemented as follows: 


    90% = Concerts and Assessments: based on attendance and appropriate and respectful participation. Missed concerts without prior notice will only be excused in the face of an emergency with proper documentation. Students with excused absences will be allowed to make up points at a later date.


    10% = Daily Performance Points: students have their chorus folder, a pencil, are actively participating in class activities such as completing workbook assignments, participating in warm ups, and actively participating in rehearsal.


    • Excused absences include (but are not limited to): student illness, family wedding/funeral, and religious observance.

    • Unexcused absences include (but are not limited to): doctor’s appointment, lack of transportation, music lesson, and sport practice.


    4: Student has exceeded grade level expectations.

    3: Student has met grade level expectations.
    2: Student is inconsistently demonstrating comprehension of content.
    1: Student is not demonstrating comprehension of content. 
    Posting of Student Grades

    Grades will be posted in the Parent Portal regularly. Please check student grades there on a regular basis. Use the calendar view to check for assignment due dates.