• orange book Literacy Links

    Various videos from our class lessons shown to the students. 

    Watch them all at home and then choose between one of the following:

    1) Try to singing along with the video at least twice and memorize one of the Parts of Speech songs.   Then come TRY to sing along with the video in class!

    2) Write 16 sentences, 2 for each part of speech, and underline the word(s) that represent one particular part of speech.  Be sure to write which type of Part of Speech you're identifying.  FYI, the sentences can more or less be the same. I'm checking that you're correctly identified all 8 Parts of Speech.  I will also check sentence grammar, spelling, spacing, neatness, and all other aspects of "Quality Work."  I want your best work turned into me. 

    3) Think up your own "Parts of Speech" activity that can be completed in about 1-3 minutes, allowing time for the class to practice your activity, and share it with the class!!