About Mr. Coca
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    Dear Learners,

    I have been given a great opportunity to work with you this year and would like to welcome you into my classroom, Kyrene Middle School & into my life.  I am starting my fourteenth year teaching and am honored to serve it with you.  I love to teach because I have a thirst for knowledge. My grandmother taught me that every day you live you learn and I can’t wait to learn together.

    A little about me, I was born in Raton, a small town in New Mexico. I come from a humble background to a family who taught me to work hard, be honest, do my best and never quit. When I finished high school I joined the U.S. Army and served as an airborne mechanic ( yea right!) for eight adventurous years. I soon found myself longing to be in Arizona and close to my brother. So, I moved out to the Phoenix area to be closer to my family. I soon started working hard in the Arizona sun doing such things as a mechanic, electrician, grounds keeper and even setting up stages for different bands coming to Phoenix. But something was missing in my life. So, I decided to go to college.

     I was scared. I was never a good student and thought I would fail but I put my fears aside and soon discovered that I loved to read, write and study a lot of different things. Like the Army, going to college turned out to be a great decision. I did really well, met my future wife and discovered I loved helping kids learn. How could I not become a teacher? Again, I knew I made the right decision.

     I can’t believe I have been teaching and touching so many lives. I have had the chance to work with so many great students. To me, there is nothing better than looking into a young man’s or a young woman’s eyes and watching them understand something they never knew before. I enjoy helping you to be better than you ever thought you would be. I can’t wait to start you on your 7th grade journey. 

                                                                                       Mr. Coca