• paw bullet   Supply List (must have at all times):

    • Single Subject College Ruled Notebook (to be used for Math ONLY)

    • One divider in binder labeled “Math”

    •  2 Pencils, 3 Pens (1 Red, 2 Blue/Black) at all times!

    •  3 Highlighter(s) - Pink, Blue, Yellow

    •  Scotch Tape (preferred) or Glue Stick

    • MATH 8: Standard Calculator (super easy to find, I got mine at the dollar store!)
    •  ALGEBRA I ONLY: Graphing Calculator (Texas Instruments preferred)

    • Student Agenda/Daily Planner provided by CMS

    *If Students run out of a supply at any time in the year, they must get replaced! For example, if they run out of pencil lead or tape, they must get more before their next math class!

    Classroom donations of tissue, hand sanitizer, pencils, pens, dry erase markers, copy paper, lined paper, and Clorox wipes are always welcome!


    paw bullet   Grade Weighting

    • 80% = Assessments (Tests, Quizzes, Check-In's, and Projects)
    • 20% = Practice (Homework, MATHia, and in-class practice)


    paw bullet   Posting of Student Grades

    • Grades will be posted in the Parent/Student Portal regularly. Please check student grades there on a regular basis (I recommend at least weekly)! Use the class calendars to check for notes, homework, assignments, test dates, and any missing work.