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    About Mr. Simpson

    Dear Parents and Students,
    This is my first year teaching with the Kyrene School District, and I am excited for this privilege. So far, during my years as an educator, I have worked with two of the most diverse populations one will see in today’s schools; minority students, and students with disabilities. However, in this class your student will not be treated like they are in special education because the world will not let them use that as a “crutch”. I know you would like for your student to be successful therefore, I understand that in order to make this a successful school year, I must have support from home and I encourage parents to:

    Attend Back-to-School and Parent Conference Nights 
    • Encourage their child to attend tutoring 
    • Visit and/or volunteer at the school or in the classroom 
    • Email, call, or send a note to the teacher regarding any questions, comments, or concerns as soon as possible. 
    • Look for and ask to see your child’s report cards and progress reports.  
    • Talk with your child daily about what he/she is learning in class. A simple question like, “So, what did you learn today?” Be sure to probe him/her for a detailed response. 
    • Ask to see his/her notebook to see what your student is learning in class. 

    It is also my belief that in order to provide student support, there must be a collaborative effort between the teacher, the student, and the parent. Therefore, I welcome parents who would like to visit and/or sit in on a class session. If at any time a parent wants to visit, I just ask that they notify me (i.e. email, note, or phone call), the Main office, or the Special Education office at least 1-day in advance. 

    Welcome again, and I look forward to working with you and your student to ensure their success this semester. 


    Mr. Alvin Simpson