• Grading Scale
    90 - 100% = A
    80 - 89% = B
    70 - 79% = C
    60 - 69% = D
    0 - 59% = F

    Grade Weighting: 

    80% = Assessments (Playing tests, Attending performances, Written tests)
    20% = Homework (Practice records, Musictheory.net assignments)
    Assignment Types:
    Performances - Each group has 3-4 performances per year. These are the equivalent of a "final exam" for the performance portion of the band class. It is very important that your child is present at these events, and the grade reflects that, equaling 40% of the overall assessment grade.
    Playing tests - students will perform required music each week for a test. This will mostly be done through recording at home or school, or may be performed for Mr. Grzyb. This type of test equals 20% of the total assessment grade.
    Written tests - Students will have one written test each month (approximately). This test will go over music theory skills. These tests equal approximately 20% of the assessment grade.
    Quizzes - Students will have quizzes one each week or two to monitor progress toward music theory goals. These quizzes will be significantly shorter than the written test.
    Practice Log - Each week, students are required to submit their practice log. This will be done over a google form. A minimum of 120 minutes per week (6 days a week at 20 minutes) is required to maintain maximum points. Full points will be awarded if turned in on Monday or Tuesday. Each day after will result in 10 percent off per day late. No practice logs will be accepted after Tuesday of the following week.
    "Homework" assignments - I limit the amount of homework I give in this class as band students should be aiming to practice a minimum of 20 minutes per day. Regardless, there will be some instances where homework assignments will be sent home (assignments on music theory skills, listening, intonation work, etc).
    Daily performance practice and preparation - Each day students will be evaluated on their preparation for rehearsal. Band is a time to rehearse as a full group, not to practice. Come prepared and PARTICIPATE!
    Retake Policy:
    I allow retakes on most assessments in my classroom. I will always allow retakes on any playing test or written test except for the final playing or written test of each quarter. Performances, due to their "one time" nature, cannot be retaken. If you have an excused absence cleared by me, I will allow an alternate assignment for full credit. Any practice assignments or quizzes turned in more than a week late cannot be retaken.
    Extra Credit:
    Extra credit is offered for the following:
    • Attending optional high school, college, community, or professional level orchestra or band performances (Rock bands or any popular music group does not count) - bring me a program
    • Attending an opera or ballet. Bring me a program
    • Taking private lessons. Get a note signed by your private lesson teacher.
    • Taking tutoring sessions with Mountain Pointe Students (see calendar)
    • Playing an additional performance outside of school (community band, church group, etc). Take a video or have a parent write a note.
    • Participating in an honor band, chamber group or jazz band.

    You may get 5 points per activity. You may get up to 20 points per quarter.