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    Jigsaw Tasks


    Below are several essay drafting resources for students struggling to recall how to draft a quote sandwich or structure an essay. 

    Quote Sanwdich

    A quote sandwich has a topic sentence and context at the beginning, a quote in the middle, and an explanation about the quote and a concluding sentence at the end.  Below is a model provided to the class during the first quarter when we worked on "The Circuit."

    Model Quote Sandwich

    This is a model quote sandwich about The Circuit, a story read and discussed in detail during first quarter.


    Below is the Daily Grammar Practice Help Pages that the student can study and use for their daily grammar exercises.
    MODEL ESSAY RESOURCES - A Long Walk to Water
    Below are resources to help students work on writing essays.  Included is an essay about overcoming Obstacles in A Long Walk to Water that has been highlighted and coded to show the essay structure "RACE," which stands for Restate the Question, Answer the Questions, Cite Evidence, and Explain Evidence."