FACS class outline/ Culinary Arts class outline

     What topics are we covering? 
    Culinary Arts Level 1:
    Quarter 1
    Kitchen safety 
    Kitchen sanitation
    How to properly read a recipe
    Basic kitchen equipment
    Basic kitchen terms
    Kitchen Math and Meaurements
    Quarter 2
    Basic Nutrition (MyPlate, 6 nutrients and their functions, food groups)
    Grocery Shopping
    1 Project TBD
    Culinary Arts Level 2:
    Quarter 1
    Review of basic topics
    Foreign Food Project
    Quarter 2
    Cooking Lab Demo Project
    "Chopped" Lab Project
    Budeting/Grocery Shopping
    Complete breakfast/food groups review
    FACS- 6th grade:
    Quarter 1
    Basic Cooking
     - Safety and sanitation, reading a recipe, cooking terms, cookng equipment, measurements
    Quarter 2
    Cooking unit (cont.) -- POSSIBLY
    Hand Sewing (sewing on a button and possibly project)
    Communication Skills
    Stress Management/Wellness
    Goal Setting (if time permits)
    *** This is just a rough outline, and it may change. We may not cover everything, or may cover it in different quarters than expected ***