KTA Variety Show

  • The KTA Variety Show is an auditioned show open to KTA students. Some examples of acts are singing, dancing, magic, gymnastics, skits, playing an instrument, or comedy. Each act is limited to one minute (except full classroom acts). The 2019-20 show will be on Wednesday, March 25, 2020.  


    • Music/costumes used in an act must be appropriate for school and family viewing. Please do a lyric check or consider using the Kidz Bop version of the song.
    • If using recorded music in the act, it must be either emailed to me, Mrs. Bull (, or sent in to school on a CD or flash drive (will be returned to you) before the audition date. Please DO NOT bring music on a phone and play it off of YouTube--you must purchase the music and have a copy available. Your student will not be allowed to audition if I don't have the music on a CD, flashdrive, or previously emailed to me. If you would like me to purchase your music for you, please send in $1.50 with your student with song title, artist information, etc. This must be done before the audition date.
    • Week of December 7 - permission slips go home with all students. They only need to be returned if your student wants to perform in the show as a soloist or in a small group. Students who are doing performances with their classroom teacher do not need to turn in a slip or audition. 
    • Friday, February 7, 2020 – Permission slips are due. Students will not be allowed to stay after school to audition without a signed permission slip. 
    • Thursday, February 13 – Auditions (in the Music Room). Your child must come to the audition to be in the show and must be prepared (if using recorded music, they must bring it). (Only exception – out of school that day because of illness.) The audition starts at 2:35 and may run as late as 4:00. Your child should have practiced his/her act before the audition. Please be prepared to pick your child up at any time. They will call you when they are finished auditioning, which could be as early as 2:45. Pick-ups will be on the east side of the building, outside the J door. (Students who bike home will need to bring their bike to auditions because the bike racks will be locked after auditions are over.)
    • Afternoons of Thursday, February 20 and Thursday, March 19, 2020 – Rehearsals run from 2:35 to 3:35. Please be prompt when picking up your child after rehearsal. 
    • Wednesday, March 25 during the school day at 8:00 am– Dress rehearsal. Please send costumes/props to school with your child.
    • Wednesday night, March 25 – Variety Show starts at 5:30 pm!
    • Remember, the act can only be one minute--if you can shorten your music yourself, that's great. If you'd like me to do it, also OK. If you have a specific portion of the song you definitely want to use, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll use the first minute of the song.

    What are you waiting for?! Get practicing! Click here for a permission slip.