• TransMath  1  Curriculum/6th Grade
    1st Quarter

    Addition and Subtraction
    Working with data
    Introduction to Measurement 
    Problem Solving

    2nd Quarter
    Multiplication and Division
    Measuring two-dimensional objects
    3rd Quarter 
    Factors, primes and composites
    Common factors and number problems
    area and perimeter
    properties of shapes 

    4th  Quarter 

    Common Multiples
    Concept of Fractions
    Slides, Flips, Turns and Symmetry
    Adding and Subtraction Fractions          

    black paw  6th, 7th, 8th Grade Language Arts Curriculum Mapblue line

    Students will work throughout the year to demonstrate their knowledge and skill through project-based learning, labs, individual assessments and collaborative assignments. 





    Language Arts

     Reading         Textbook

                              Holt Elements of Literature-short stories, poetry and informational text

                              Literary Elements
                              Functional Text
                              Comprehension and Monitoring Strategies
                              Figurative Language
                              Tradebooks:  Will vary 

    Writing                                Vocabulary                    Grammar                    Spelling

    Personal Narrative         Holt Vocabulary              Write Source           Holt Spelling
    Conventions                                                                                                 Everyday Spelling
    Persuasive Letter                                                                                        Curriculum Associates
    Business Letter
    Expository Paragraph
    Expository Essay 
    Six Trait Writing