• Make-Up Work
    Students should try to get caught up when absent by checking Google Classroom for what was done on the days absent. 
    Please make a bookmark or shortcut on your computer for Google Classroom:  www.classroom.google.com 
    For each day you were absent, you can: 
    *  Read the slide show presentation from the day you were absent.
    *  Copy notes down into your notebook.
    *  Read the pages covered from the Student Edition of the science textbook, Savvas Elevate Science.
    *  Do online or paper-and-pencil activities as listed in Google Classroom.
    It is a good idea to exchange phone numbers with a few students so you can call each other to make up work before you return to school.  Friends can even take photos of their notes and text or email them to you!
    Remember, to email another student or Mrs. Ryan using Kyrene Gmail from home:
       *  Go to www.google.com
       *  Click the "apps launcher" (9-square).
       *  Click Mail.
       *  Sign in.  Remember, username is Student#@myksd.org, and password is regular Kyrene password
    Email Mrs. Ryan at:  sryan@kyrene.org
    Please ask Mrs. Ryan if there is something you missed that you don't understand.  But please don't ask, "What did I miss?"  It is the student's responsibility to check Google Classroom and to make the work up in a timely manner after returning to school!   If you need help understanding something, just ask Mrs. Ryan!