2016-17 Teacher Performance Pay Plan - An Overview

Teacher Vote, October 17 - October 19

  • Dear Teachers,

    Each year teachers who are eligible for 301 compensation are asked to review and vote on the recommended Teacher Performance Pay Plan (or 301 Plan). The Teacher Evaluation Design Team (TEDT) reviewed the measures/metrics in the plan and brought forward the recommendations attached.

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    The plan below includes detailed information about program components, compensation, measures and metrics. A Video and answers to questions have also been developed to support a shared understanding of the 2016-17 plan.

    Vote by October 19
    Principals will work with eligible teachers at each site to collect votes from October 17 through October 19, 2016.

    I’d like to thank members of the Teacher Evaluation Design Team, members of Meet & Confer, KEA, and colleagues across multiple District departments who worked together to provide support. First quarter has been filled with good work as colleagues collaborated on the plan provided.

    Teachers are welcome to contact me with questions/comments. I am happy to provide support and collect feedback.


    Susie Ostmeyer, Ph.D.
    Director of Research & Evaluation

2016-17 Teacher Performance Pay Plan

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