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    If you have any questions about a specific route or general questions regarding how the online process works, please email transrouting@kyrene.org or see your supervisor. 


    Below are the routes for the 2022-2023 school year. By bidding for a route, you acknowledge that you will work the entirety of the route if awarded a specific line. Do NOT bid for something you are not willing to work. By submitting a bid, you also understand that this is NOT a guarantee of work. Bids are awarded based on the 2022 Employee Evaluation Score. All bids are final and will be permanent through the duration of the school year. Specific details of the routes are subject to change as we account for updates to school walk boundaries.



    If you do not remember your evaluation score, go to TeachPoint. The "District ID" is kyrene, then login with your regular employee username and password. Click on the globe located to the left, labeled activity, and you can then review your last evaluation. 


    2022-2023 **ROUND 2** Bid Lines

    Submit a bid for the lines you are interested in, using the Google form below. Be sure to read each route and it's your responsibility before submitting a bid. 

    The 2022-2023 ROUND 2 Form closes at 12:00 pm on MONDAY 7/18/22



    SY2022-2023 In-District Lines: 

    Main 27 - ORANGE GENED - KMS NINOS MAR Click to view


    Main 54 - RED GENED - Mariposa KMS Ninos Click to view



    Main 57 - MAROON GENED - Akimel Estrella Click to view



    Main 50 - PINK GENED - Aprende Click to view



    Main 94 - PURPLE GENED - Gifted (TBD) and Pueblo Click to view





    SY2022-2023 Open Enrollment Lines:

    OE 63 - PINK OE GENED - Esperanza Ninos Click to view



    School Year 2022 2023 - Route Bid Form




    Bus Cartoon



Last Modified on July 15, 2022