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    School Psychologists 

    All Kyrene school psychologists follow the NASP ethical standards to provide students direct support and intervention to improve academic performance, reduce/eliminate behavioral problems and to promote healthy, social-emotional well-being. They collaborate and consult with families, teachers, administrators and other school-based mental health professionals (counselors, social workers) to promote a positive and safe school climate, strengthen school and family partnerships and to improve school-wide accountability and assessments.

    By applying skills and knowledge of psychology to the education process, School Psychologist’s successfully help schools by:

    • Increasing Academic Achievement
      Supporting teachers with implementation and monitoring of tiered levels of support, intervention, based on identified needs of students and conducting psychoeducational evaluations that identify students with disabilities.
    • Promoting Positive Behavior and Mental Health 
      Assessing student behavior and emotional needs, teaching and role-modeling problem solving, conflict resolution and social skills and collaborating, making referrals to community mental health professionals.
    • Supporting Diverse Learners
      Providing services in a culturally responsive manner to students/families from diverse backgrounds, modification to curricula and instruction and developing Individualized Education Programs for identified students.
    • Creating Safe, Positive School Climates
      Improving school connectedness through social-emotional learning opportunities, providing crisis evaluation and intervention and implementing school-wide positive behavioral supports.
    • Improving School-wide Assessment and Accountability
      Monitor student progress in both academics and behavior, analyzing data on student risk and coordinating with school problem solving teams.
    • Strengthening Family-School Partnership
      Work with families to assist them in navigating the special education process, building capacity of school staff to engage with families about their children and supporting connection with community partners when students require additional support.

    Each school in the district has an assigned School Psychologist. Most are assigned to two schools, so they may not be at each school every day. Your School Psychologist can best be reached by inquiring at the school directly. 

    Additional Resources 

    National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)

    Arizona Association of School Psychologist (AASP)

    American Psychological Association

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