Base Salary Calculator

  • In accordance with state requirements, school districts do not enter into multi-year compensation agreements with employees. However, it is good practice to plan ahead and project compensation into the future.

    The Excel file at the link below will help you calculate your projected base salary for the next 3 years, although only year one has been approved contingent upon the passing of Proposition 123.  The calculation is based on the assumption that the Governing Board will continue to support the Fox Lawson recommendations, and that Proposition 123 will be successfully funded.  Meet and Confer meets throughout the year and also brings forward recommendations that can impact compensation.  Employees are able to pursue salary credit, and in some cases, receive different types of stipends that also impact their base salary. 

    This tool will give you a better understanding of how the current 3-year plan impacts your base salary, but it should only be used as a guide.  If you have questions about the tool, please contact Danielle Fisher or Chris Herrmann for assistance. 

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