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    Students will work throughout the year to demonstrate their knowledge and skill through project-based learning, labs, individual assessments, and collaborative assignments. 
    We will be using the Carnegie Learning curriculum.  Students will be given a disposable workbook to write in during class.  I will distribute the workbook topics as we use them, but the remainder of the book will be kept in the class.  As we move through the topics, please do not throw away your old topics, we will be using them as reference.  Students will need to bring the current topic to school every day.  Homework will be assigned from the topic lessons.  The book can be accessed online as well. 
    Algebra students will need a graphing calculator for home use.  A TI-84 CE is preferred in any version. Kyrene provides TI-84 calculators for class use so if there is an issue with the potential of losing a calculator, a student does not need to bring one back and forth from school.  The Library will check out a TI-83 calculator, the previous version of a TI-84, for the year with a signed use agreement.  This is the calculator I use in the class.  The instructions and use are very similar. 
    Geometry students will need a standard "drafting kit" for construction proofs.  These kits are available at "Office Max" for $12, and I recommend the brand Staedtler. The tools are mostly metal and they will survive the year, and come in a nice hard plastic case.  
    I will be available for tutoring every Tuesday from 3:20 pm to 4:20 pm in my classroom.  I am available most mornings beginning at 7:30, and most afternoons, but students need to check with me first.  The computer lab connected to my classroom is also available during my tutoring hours and before school to work on Mathia.
    The link for logging into Carnegie (the math curriculum) at home is through the Kyrene Web site, and through "Clever", which is a multi-platform log-in program, that allows students to log into Carnegie, using just their Kyreme log in name and password.  Google Chrome is best for this website.  The students' book is on-line if they lose a page or two and there is a "family guide" available for each lesson topic for home use.  
    Attached are links to the GATE syllabus for each subject.
    Also, the IB Middle School Years Program syllabus for each subject:

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