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    I am excited to share that we will be using a web-based program called Class Dojo to help track students’ behavior.   It is an excellent communication tool to help keep parents updated about their child’s behavior. Class Dojo allows teachers to track students’ behaviors (positive AND negative) easily and efficiently. The program is based on points.

    In Class Dojo, students can earn points for positive behaviors such as being on task, following directions, helping others, etc.  Students can also lose points for negative behaviors such as being off task, not following directions, calling out, etc.

    One of the greatest features of ClassDojo is that it sends parents a “behavior report” every Friday by e-mail.  All you need to do is use the parent access code to get signed up (or respond to the link sent to your email). Once you have joined our class, you will be able to check your child’s progress anytime.  Parents love having instant access to how their child is doing. 

    Students’ individual behavior is recorded so they are able to visually keep track of their behavior and take responsibility for their actions in class (both positive and negative).
    The following are the positive and negative points I have made for our class 
    class  dojo  

    When you sign up for a parent account, you will be able to see only  your child's behavior. You will be able to see what time they were earning points and what time they may have lost points. Another great feature is that you will be able to see why your child earned or lost points. For example, if they lost a point, you would specifically see why they lost one (for example, not following directions). The same applies for positive points. You might see that your child was on task or had their eyes on the speaker. 

    You will also be able to see the % of their day that was positive. You can choose to see it for Today,  Last Week, or This Week. 

    It is my hope that this will better help you understand the progress of your child's behavior on a day-by-day and week-to-week basis.  
    -Miss Ortiz