• MATHia

      • MATHia is the online practice component of Carnegie Math.  MATHia caters to the needs of each individual student in order to reinforce skills taught in class.  


        Students should be working for a minimum of 20 - 30 minutes, four days a week.  This is independent classwork or homework (if not completed in class).


        All assigned work must be completed by the last Monday of the quarter in order to receive credit. 

        Plan ahead in case of technical issues or other unforeseen events.



        Math 6 Deadlines                                             Math 7 Deadlines

        How do I know when I'm done?


        Directions to Log In from Home 

        Make sure to use ksd\student# as your user name. 

        You MUST use a backslash (located above the Enter key). 





        Please contact the MATHia help line for immediate assistance.

        Call 1-888-851-7094