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    Directions for logging in at home.
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    MATHia is the computer program that accompanies the Carnegie curriculum.
    MATHia Help
    Look at the bottom of this page to see how you can help fund MATHia prizes!
    Directions for AT HOME login onto MATHia.
    Kyrene Students Educational Resources Home Page.
    Students should work on MATHia at least 2 hours per week.  
    Students must finish the assigned MATHia by the due date to be elegible to retake tests.
    Each workspace is worth 100 points.  
    Students will earn prizes for completing each module.  They will throw a dart at a dartboard for each module that is completed to determine the prize they will win. 
    However, to fund this, I will need donations from parents.  Donations include:   Chips, Root Beer, Vanilla Ice Cream, Soda, Cookies, Movie Sized Candy, Dollar Store Prize Box Toys, Popsicles, Gift Cards to stores including: Walmart,  Target, Fry'sLittle Caesar to help with the cost. 
    You can even send the donations directly to Aprende... Aprende Middle School c/o Heather Staudohar, 777 N Desert Breeze Blvd East #2, Chandler, AZ 85226.