•  Yankee Candle

    WHAT: Yankee Candle Fundraiser

    WHO: CMS Performing Arts and KTA Band

    WHEN: November 15th-29th



    1. Go to: yankeecandlefundraising.com 
    2. Enter the GROUP number to shop and get credit towards your group!
      • Orchestra: 999996830
      • Band: 999996828
      • Chorus: 999996832
      • Theater: 999996826
      • KTA: 999996833
    3. For students traveling on the CA Tour OR to be eligible for Prizes from Yankee Candle:
      • Make sure to sign up as a SELLER in the ‘sign up as seller’ link 
      • You will need the group number to sign up
      • You can use YOUR seller link/ID to sell items


    Find the Fall 2019 Catalog Here




    Updated 11/14/19