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    Dear Parents and Students,
    I am so excited to have you and your child in my class this year at the best middle school in the district.  Born and raised in San Francisco, Californa, I am first generation American and I speak German fluently.
    I have taught for 19 years over the last 29 years. Seventeen of those years in middle school ELA.  I have taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. My teaching experience is from California, Ohio, and here in Arizona. I took 10 years off to help my husband run his business.  Which gives me the added benefit of life experience outside of the school system. 
    I have been in the Kyrene district for six years. I taught at Pueblo, KMS, and Altadena.  My daughter is a former Altadena Panther and went on to Desert Vista, CCC and  NAU. So I really feel like part of the family. 
    My family consists of my husband, daughter, three step children, six step-grandchildren and two crazy Chihuahuas.  
    I coach, I am a WEB advisor, and a LEAD teacher. I love volunteering too!  I am captain of the Arizona Ironman 70.3 finish line, and I usually try to recruit families to join me but with COVID-19 I am not too sure how safe it will be.  I am also one of two backstage managers at Cornerstone Church.  
    I am looking forward to an exciting year of growth, learning, and the challenges that COVID-19 is bringing to education.  We will work together to get the best education for you and your children!
    Best Regards,
    Christine Badgley 
    A few things I like-
    Favorite colors: Pink and Purple
    Favorite shopping: Amazon and Sole Sport (always need running shoes)
    Favorite candy: Snickers
    Favorite volunteering: Backstage manager(Cornerstone)and AZ Ironman 70.3, 
    Favorite movie: Fried Green Tomatoes and Pride and Prejudice
    Favorite book: To Kill a Mockingbird 
    Favorite hobbies: quilting, knitting, sewing, scrapbooking
    Favorite character: Snoopy :)
    Favorite sport: Triathlon (swimming, biking, and running) and Mountain Biking