• My family.  Holly and Darby left. Lorelei and Mr. Hillis center.  Rosie on the right.

    About The Teacher
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    Hello there. My name is Eli Hillis.  This will be my fifth year teaching. I have been lucky enough to spend my entire education career at this remarkable school Lagos. 

    Aside from teaching, I've worked in retail, sales, service, warehousing, processing, filmmaking, coaching, and construction.  For me (as it is with most educators), teaching is not a job but a lifestyle.  It stays with you when you've gone home, when the week ends or when the quarter ends. Because of it's rigorous nature, this lifestyle is the most rewarding and positively challenging one I could have ever asked for. 

    My heart is in helping kids develop into strong, decent young men and women.  Every child has the capability of acheiving this.  My mission is to work with the student, his/her parents, and my collegues to give them the best possible chance of succeeding in school and life. 

    I love sports, the arts, and being a nerd.  I'm a huge Suns and Cardinals fan.  I coach wrestling in the winter and was a very successful wrestler in high school.  I love drawing, painting, singing (not well), playing guitar (not well) and dancing (poorly) with my son.  I'm a 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Harry Potter' fan.  I also love many of the great trilogies of my time including 'Back to the Future', 'Starwars', and 'Indiana Jones'. 

    My wife Holly is the love my life.  My son Darby is my muse. My two 'bonus' daughters Rosie and Lorelei are my little princesses and ambassadors to what's going on in the 'hip' world.  

    I am so excited to start this year with this amazing group of students. Let's make it one to remember.