For information on home lessons please visit the district site or go to www.kyrene.org/learnathome

    Of course any resources below students can use while at home.

    MONDAYS- Chicken Soup for the Soul ZOOM call- 12:15-12:45- Mrs. Cook will do a read aloud and quick reflection and wants to use this opportunity to just check in with everyone who wants to participate.  

    ZOOM Etiquette: 

    **Come ready to listen respectfully and offer positive insight.

    **Be polite and show good studentship- no inappropriate comments or back round distractions.

    **Please sign in with your first and last name

    ** Please sign in on time or early to ensure connection

    ** Participation is not a requirement.

    ** Absolutely NO recording or pictures are allowed of the zoom conversation

    ** In chat room, please only write messages that are relevant to the meeting


    CHICKEN SOUP ZOOMS- When you log into the zoom, please make sure to put your first and last name so that I know who I am approving into the Zoom.  Unknown attendees will not be admitted.  Please also be on time to the zoom call.  I will give a grace window of about two minutes before beginning to read the selected story for the week.  It is difficult to approve those in the waiting area while I am reading and managing other attendees.  Lastly, make sure you read zoom procedures and expectations from district before joining.  Thank you for your cooperation! I look forward to seeing you.

    EVERY MONDAY's LINK-  https://kyrene.zoom.us/j/173429459






    Meet the Teacher PowerPoint

    handbook form


    The above link has all of the information presented on 8-30. It is a combination of science specific information as well as school information.

    I have two types of classes.  A GATE class which is my period 4 and then my periods 1,3,5,6.  If your child is NOT in GATE, please disregard the information.  If it says "all" next to any assignments or information than that applies to all classes.  

    OFFICE HOURS: FRIDAY MORNINGS 7:40-8:05- Students MUST have a pass or make an appointment. 


    test retake form- In order to retake the student needs to clear a time with me 48 hours in advance.  This document also needs to be printed and brought in with parent and student signatures.  Parent support is required for retakes.  Retakes need to be completed within two weeks of the first test being taken. 


    March 2-6- Any ocean test takes/retakes are MONDAY ONLY for those who studied and prepped over the weekend.

    Monday- Finish Finding Nemo- begin writing assessment- DUE WEDNESDAY!!!

    Tueday- Friday- Human Growth and Development- I will only see male students for attendance all week except Monday.

    Finding Nemo Writing assessment

    February 24-29- PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCE WEEK- WED&THURS are half days!

    RETAKES AND LATE WORK- The ONLY test a student make retake is Oceans Part 1- This test must be retaken by Tueday March 3 and the parent form above MUST be filled out.  Students need to let me know by Friday if they intend on retaking. Scores will be averaged together.  Late work will not be accepted past Wednesday March 4th. 

    Monday: Grade tests and finish article from Thursday

    Tuesday- Finding Nemo Analysis- Students will watch the movie Finding Nemo and complete discussions and comprehensive worksheet activities based on the story and the ecosystems they see.

    Wednesday- Finding Nemo Analysis

    Thursday- Finding Nemo Analysis

    Friday- ODYSEA

    February 17-21

    Monday- NO SCHOOL-President's Day  HW- STUDY for test

    Tuesday- Study guide and review- students went through every part of the test and wrote which parts they needed to study and what they knew.      HW- study for test!

    Wednesday- Study day on oceans part 1 notes- self-assessment given   HW- study all notes! (oceans facts, features of ocean floor, and types of boundaries)

    Thursday- TEST- oceans part 1 notes- see below for notes links

    Friday- "What's Killing Killer Whales?" - Science World article and analysis document

    study guide for oceans part 1 test- completed in class Tuesday- due Thursday

    What is Killing Killer Whales? worksheet 

    To get to the article follow these steps:

    1. go to https://scienceworld.scholastic.com/

    2. go to login- login as student- enter the code rainpen2

    3. go to upper right and type into the search engine- Killer Whales

    4.  the article will appear in as archive- click on the image and begin reading the article.  

    5. After you have read the article, pull up the worksheet link- look above this sentence- it is titled "What is Killing Killer Whales"- On a clean piece of paper you will complete the questions.  This will be collected on Monday! Take this seriously.

    February 10-14

    Monday- Gallery walk of all Black History Month scientists and inventors- students MUST finish any work from Friday that was incomplete over the weekend and come ready Monday to share.  There will be no makeups and late turn ins for this assignment. The information researched needs to be put onto a Google slide.  The criteria is: 

    1. Name and picture of person (if possible)
    2. DOB- date of birth
    3. Accomplishments – write out all
    4. Why so influential?
    5. Influential quote

    Tuesday- Intro to oceans- powerpoint introduction- notes to be taken in class.  HW- review ANY notes completed in class

    Wednesday- United For One Day- in advisory class all day  HW- review any notes from Monday

    Thursday- IN LAB G-5- Ocean scavenger hunt   HW- review notes

    Friday- grade scavenger hunt- draw and label structures of the ocean floor  HW- study notes over the weekend-(40 minutes)

    Oceans Part 1 Notes

    world's oceans vocabulary- in class document

    oceans part 1- answers

    ocean scavenger hunt

    February 3-7

    Monday- GATE training for Cook- students will complete a SRP self-assessment in preparation for their test- TUESDAY- and then complete research to learn about an influential African American scientists/inventor for Black History month  HW- STUDY!!!  (COLLECTING TUESDAY- for a grade- srp worksheet, self-assessment, and Bill Nye Energy notes)

    Tuesday- TEST on SRP worksheet- anything on the worksheet is fair game :)  HW- None

    Wednesday- grade tests- Chicken Soup    HW- none

    Thursday- SRP presentations   HW- complete any research from Monday that is incomplete.

    Friday- SRP reflection and continue research from Monday    HW- FINISH SLIDE ON GOOGLE- DUE MONDAY! No exceptions!

    January 27- 31

    Monday- complete filter tests (if needed) and answer essential question by reading artcle and using evidence- "how does the quality of water affect the quality of life?"             HW- none

    Tuesday- Bill Nye Energy as introduction- types of energy and definitions        HW- none

    Wednesday- 3ps recess (if earned) OR How does water create energy?         HW- none

    Thursday- SRP presentation notes- SRP will be coming February 6th- kinetic vs potential energy and renewable and nonrenewable resources               HW- Review any notes taken in class a minimum of 20 minutes

    Friday- finish presentation- TEST TUESDAY on entire worksheet!                  HW- Study over the weekend! (at least an hour)

    SRP student worksheet blank

    SRP notes KEY

    January 20-24

    Monday- MLK DAY

    Tuesday- body of water research and share- USA     HW- none

    Wednesday- 3 Ps free time OR complete research (depends on the class and who earned)  HW- none

    Thursday- Design water filtration systems  HW- none

    Friday- construct and test filters  HW- none


    January 13-17

    Monday- Water Cycle notes HW- study notes! test on water cycles and bodies of water WEDNESDAY!!

    Tuesday- Review all notes- gamestyle- HW- STUDY notes! test Wednesday

    Wednesday- TEST!

    Thursday- Grade tests- intro to water unit- multiple stations where students will answer the core questions: How does the quality of water affect the quality of life?  HW- none

    Friday- carrying the weight of water- students will physically carry gallons of water a certain distance to mimic the journey other individual must forego to get water for their families in other parts of the world concurrently looking at real life images of how women and children gain access to clean water and writing a reflection.   HW- none

    lab coat  - Inside the lab coat write out your new habit for science and your action plan for how it will be achieved.

    water cycle self assessment- go to page 2

     water cycle picture for visual

    January 6-10 

    Tuesday in class site research- types of bodies of water-  types of bodies of water - click on this to get the article

    types of bodies of water- key points- what is highlighted is what you will need to know about each type of body of water for the test

    The test on Water Cycle is TBD- either Monday or Tuesday of next week

    Monday- creating habits for greater academic success- students chose  one thing they wanted to improve on in science to help them be more successful.  Students wrote out a set of systems for this goal and created a lab coat with the information inside of it.  Lab coats will be kept in class as a daily reminder. NO HW- other than to begin working on new habit :)

    Tuesday- finish lab coats- begin looking at different types of bodies of water. NO HW- finish lab coat if not done- Due Wed.

    Wednesday- Finish types of bodies of water article

    Thursday- What do you know?  Bill Nye water cycle video and worksheet- HW- none

    Friday- 3 Ps lessons in all classes

     water cycles notes

     December 9-13

    http://www.sfu.museum/forensics/eng/pg_media-media_pg/anthropologie-anthropology/- article 2

    http://www.pbs.org/opb/historydetectives/technique/learning-from-skeletons/- article 1

    forensic anthropology worksheet

    immune system research project

    Extra Credit- to be completed Wednesday!- students will be able to received 3 extra credit points if they are able to label 15 bones on a blank skeleton.  This is ALL OR NOTHING.  Bones are: cranium, mandible, clavicle, scapula, humerus, radius, ulna, carpal, metacarpal, phalenges, sternum, pelvis, femur, tibia, fibia.

    Monday - HOUR OF CODE via code.org- GATE and P1,3,4,5,6

    Tuesday- Forensic/anthrology lesson- students will learn how scientists can determine the life of a person or animal by analyzing their bones.

    Wedneday- QUIZ on muscular/skeletal system- this will be an open book test! Completed notes are still due on Wednesday for points!  

    Thursday- complete forensic lesson

    Friday- intro to immune system- each student will receives a specific type of disease to reasearch.  They will compile information and create a visual representing their illness and present it to the class next week.

    GATE ONLY- completing Code Card research!- all information found will be need to be typed and placed into a slide on the group Google Slideshow.  Resources must be sited.  Images must be approved by Mrs. Cook.  Presentations of patients will begin next week!


    December 2- 6

    Monday- grade nervous system tests- Chicken Soup- discuss the week

    Tuesday- SOS- Signs of Suicide presentation done by Mrs. Martin, school social worker.  Letters about this lesson went out a month ago to students hard copy.  PLease contact the office for questions.

    Wednesday- Muscular/Skeletal System intro- name as many bones as you can, notes given

    Thursday- book notes- page 1

    Friday- book notes- page 2

    Muscular/Skeletal system notes- blank

    notes complete

    November 25-29

    Monday- Bill Nye Nervous System- recording 10 things learned from video (for points) and note card fill out for test- TUESDAY! Students can write any notes needed on their notecard and use it on the test.  In class time given to fill it out but it is homework if they do not finish.

    Tuesday- TEST on Nervous System-  Key terms- page 1, What is sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste and their main stimuli or key ideas.  What are the four tastes? Central Nervous System- what is it made of? All notes under "Brain"- key parts and functions . Spinal Cord responsibility, Peripheral Nervous System- two types of nerves and functions.  Involuntary responses importance.  Autonomic Nervous System- what does it control, distinct functions,  Fight or Flight, Voluntary Nervous System- two sets of muscles.

    Wednesday- FREE DAY for all students who finished their nervous system packets!! congrats and thank you!  Those who did not finish, were given ANOTHER opportunity to get notes done.  The packet is worth 50 points and student had a week now to complete it.  Whatever is incomplete after today will be given the grade earned. 


    November 18-22

    Monday- grade respiratory tests, Chicken Soup, notes for nervous system- HW- none

    Tuesday- Key vocabulary- page 1- HW- study key terms

    Wednesday- one on one student conferences- students will work on packets (senses information)- HW- review key terms

    Thursday- same as Wednesday- HW- review the senses notes completed

    Friday- finish conferences- go over senses notes and see how far class got- HW- review key terms and senses notes

    TEST ON NERVOUS SYSTEM- TUESDAY NOV. 26TH! (Key terms, senses, TBD)

    nervous system notes complete 1

    nervous system notes complete 2

    blank notes

    November 11-15

    Monday- Veteran's Day!- THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SERVED!!

    Tuesday- Respiration assessment and notes

    Wednesday- notes

    Thursday- review notes and self-assessment

    Friday- TEST on respiratory system

    respiratory system notes COMPLETE

    respiratory system notes blank


    November 4-8

    Monday: P 1,3,5,6- Study day for Circulatory system and Heart Rate day- various exercises that allow students to asses their heart's workability.

    GATE- continue working on diagrams.  Retake specialty quiz if needed

    Tuesday: 1,3,5,6- TEST- CIRCULATORY SYSTEM- chambers info, blood cells, and vessels- KWL to repiratory system

    GATE- diagrams- complete for coloring

    Wednesday- 1,3,5,6- Grade tests

    GATE- color diagrams

    Thursday- 1,3,5,6- Respiratory system path- counting our breaths

    GATE- TEST on system!

    Friday: 1,3,5,6- Respiratory system teach- finish notes

    GATE- grade tests- MOCK TEACH- ALL WORK DUE THE 18TH!!!- worksheets typed and printed, diagrams, and 3-D models 



    October 28- November 1- new unit- body systems (homework all week- STUDY ANY IN CLASS NOTES)

    GATE will have entirely different curriculum all quarter.  Periods 1,3,5,6= tests Tuesday, weekly

    Monday- (ALL) grade cells tests, body systems introduction and what to expect.  GATE- to receive CODE BLUE information

    Tuesday- 1,3,5,6- Introduction and KWL for circulatory system- notes given

                - GATE- specialty groups given and CODE BLUE folders given of information about unit and specialty papers.

    Wednesday- 1,3,5,6- path of the blood demonstration

                    - GATE- specialty groups- work on system outlines

    Thursday- 1,3,5,6- Parts of the heart and functions of the chambers- MINI QUIZ ON CHAMBERS NOTES AND TYPES OF BLOOD CELLS!!!

                 - GATE- same as Wednesday

    Friday- 1,3,5,6- entrance ticket for a grade on notes covered so far- complete in class notes and review

             GATE- same as Wednesday


    GATE- review system at home- no work for project to be done at home- only at school but please study and review!

    circulatory system notes

    circulatory system notes complete

    all specialty papers


    October 21-25- STUDY NIGHTLY for test Friday!- Cell Rap on Youtube!

    Monday- Chicken Soup- finishing book notes, Cell Thoery concepts, and vocab

    Tuesday- Cell Thoery WS and Bill Nye Cell video

    Wednesday- review

    Thursday- (half day)- extra credit presentations- two verses plus the chorus- must be memorized to receive credit.  Must add additional creativity to get 2 points.  Self-assessment when presentations are done

    Friday- TEST on cells- cell theory, book notes (p 9-12 in text), and all vocab 

    October 14-18

    Monday- no school

    Tuesday- expectations and procedures overview- Cell Rap intro

    Wednesday-Cell Rap- Cell Theory

    Thursday- Cell Rap- Cell Theory review- cell vocabulary and flash cards

    Friday- Cell Thoery entrance ticket- review cell vocab

    cell vocab blank

    vocab complete

    Cell Rap Lyrics

    cell notesbook questions

    Sept 30-Oct 4

    Monday- finish any parts of the project- work on graphing plant data/Science World

    Tuesday- DODGEBALL ALL DAY- NO SWITCHING- Students will stay in 3rd period

    Wednesday and Thursday- PRESENT PROJECTS

    Friday- no school- teacher grade day!


    Sept 23-27

    Monday- grade LPT test and go over plant final project- DUE OCT 2!

    Tuesday- decide on project and begin work- this is to be done at school only please!

    Wednesday- Friday- work on project.

    Mrs. Cook will be out with a substitute half day Thursday, all of Friday, and Monday the 30th. (I am moving into my new house :)).  I will try to get to emails in a timly manner.

    ALL missing or late work is due Thursday Sept. 26th- NO EXCEPTIONS!

    plant final project- students will chose one choice and work to complete it with the highest of quality.  Projects will be presented to the class on Wednesday and Thursday Oct 2&3.  Again, projects are due the 2nd! 

     plant final project

    Sept 16-20- homework all week- study notes nightly

    Monday: Leaves, Photosynthesis, and Tropsisms notes handed out and completed in class (students worked independently with substitute)

    Tuesday: go over notes from Monday and observation #8- last and final

    Wednesday: self- assessment

    Thursday: Happy Birthday Mrs. Cook- lets study for our test! :)- Kahoot and study game

    Friday: TEST- leaves, photosynthesis, tropisms notes- extra credit questions to come from Bee Types notes

    Leaves, Photosynthesis, Tropisms book notes

    book notes completed

    vocabulary- blank

    vocabulary- complete

    Sept 9-13- tentative- no HW or new notes

    Monday: study day for roots and stems notes- observation #5

    Tuesday: Roots and Stems- TEST! all notes are due and will be collected

    Wednesday- Grade tests- 9-11 discussion

    Thursday- Bee types and observation #7

    Friday- Bee importance- agriculturally and environmentally- in class research and notes


    Sept 2-6

    Homework all week (Wednesay-Friday) study any notes done in class.

    Monday- LABOR DAY

    Tuesday- Finish Bill Nye- collect notes taken during video for points- Observation #3

    Wednesday: Roots and Stems notes given - vocab completed in class

    Thursday: Finish any vocab and begin book notes

    Friday: finish observation notes and observation #4- QUIZ on vocab!

    roots and stems blank graphic organizer

    roots and stems graphic organizer Completed

    Roots and Stems vocab blank

    roots and stems vocab complete


    Week of Aug 23-27

    Monday- observation #2 and seeds book notes- grade will be taken

    Tuesday- finish notes study

    Wednesday- self-assessment- students will be asked test questions and students will need to write out their answers- not graded

    Thursday- TEST on seeds vocab and book notes- this will be collected with the test

    Friday- observation #3- grade will be taken

    Week of Aug 19-23

    seeds notes blank

    completed seeds notes

    seeds vocab complete

    seeds graphic organizer blank


    Monday- grade tests and finish case studies- students are practicing observing and inferencing

    Tuesday: Plant the plants- students will be planting Wisconsin Fast Plants which will be our focus for five weeks

    Wednesday: reward for 3Ps if earned, otherwise, set up for seeds notes

    Thursday: Seeds notes

    Friday: observation #1 of plant growth

    HOMEWORK ALL WEEK- review any notes done in class nightly


    Week of Aug 12-16- 

    *** homework each night- to review in class notes a minimum of 20 minutes to prepare for Friday's quiz***

    scientific method notes- Please exclude constants/controls and independent vs dependent variables

    Monday: finish partner introductions and being scientific method notes- students will be making a graphic organizer with all notes

    Tuesday: scientific method notes- students will be shown a powerpoint and are required to write in notes as they are explained.

    Wednesday: finish notes, review, begin case studies- the case studies are a way to implement the knowledge learned (scientific method)

    Thursday: case studies in class

    Friday: quiz on scientific method notes- students will need to know how to explain what happens within that part of the scientific method.


    Week of Aug 5-9

    science safety contract- ALL

    Monday- GATE contracts due  All- safety contracts sent home- due Friday signed- in class- find commonalities among peers

    Tuesday- dice-breakers and name game

    Wednesday- Who am I?- personal questionnaire and share

    Thursday- peer interviews

    Friday- QUIZ on safety contract- the quiz will only cover the information on the contract.  The contract is also due on Friday. I will NOT collect it early so that students can review.