Below you will find each week's lessons at a glance as well as important links or comments about the lessons. ALL grades can be viewed on Parent Vue and Student Vue 24-7! PLEASE make sure that you are checking grades weekly.  


    WEEK OF August 17-21

    Monday- Google Classroom codes and set up and Get to know you powerpoint

    Tuesday- Procedures, Rules, Zoom etiquette etc

    Wednesday- Read aloud (Chicken Soup)

    Thursday- Share powerpoints from Monday in Zoom

    Friday- Share powerpoints from Monday in Zoom



    ZOOM Etiquette: 

    **Come ready to listen respectfully and offer positive insight.

    **Be polite and show good studentship- no inappropriate comments or back round distractions.

    **Please sign in with your first and last name

    ** Please sign in on time or early to ensure connection

    ** Participation is not a requirement.

    ** Absolutely NO recording or pictures are allowed of the zoom conversation

    ** In chat room, please only write messages that are relevant to the meeting