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    handbook form

    The above link has all of the information presented on 8-30. It is a combination of science specific information as well as school information.

    I have two types of classes.  A GATE class which is my period 4 and then my periods 1,3,5,6.  If your child is NOT in GATE, please disregard the information.  If it says "all" next to any assignments or information than that applies to all classes.  

    OFFICE HOURS: FRIDAY MORNINGS 7:40-8:05- Students MUST have a pass or make an appointment. 


    test retake form


    Thereafter, any missing assignments will become a zero.



    Sept 30-Oct 4

    Monday- finish any parts of the project- work on graphing plant data/Science World

    Tuesday- DODGEBALL ALL DAY- NO SWITCHING- Students will stay in 3rd period

    Wednesday and Thursday- PRESENT PROJECTS

    Friday- no school- teacher grade day!


    Sept 23-27

    Monday- grade LPT test and go over plant final project- DUE OCT 2!

    Tuesday- decide on project and begin work- this is to be done at school only please!

    Wednesday- Friday- work on project.

    Mrs. Cook will be out with a substitute half day Thursday, all of Friday, and Monday the 30th. (I am moving into my new house :)).  I will try to get to emails in a timly manner.

    ALL missing or late work is due Thursday Sept. 26th- NO EXCEPTIONS!

    plant final project- students will chose one choice and work to complete it with the highest of quality.  Projects will be presented to the class on Wednesday and Thursday Oct 2&3.  Again, projects are due the 2nd! 

     plant final project

    Sept 16-20- homework all week- study notes nightly

    Monday: Leaves, Photosynthesis, and Tropsisms notes handed out and completed in class (students worked independently with substitute)

    Tuesday: go over notes from Monday and observation #8- last and final

    Wednesday: self- assessment

    Thursday: Happy Birthday Mrs. Cook- lets study for our test! :)- Kahoot and study game

    Friday: TEST- leaves, photosynthesis, tropisms notes- extra credit questions to come from Bee Types notes

    Leaves, Photosynthesis, Tropisms book notes

    book notes completed

    vocabulary- blank

    vocabulary- complete

    Sept 9-13- tentative- no HW or new notes

    Monday: study day for roots and stems notes- observation #5

    Tuesday: Roots and Stems- TEST! all notes are due and will be collected

    Wednesday- Grade tests- 9-11 discussion

    Thursday- Bee types and observation #7

    Friday- Bee importance- agriculturally and environmentally- in class research and notes


    Sept 2-6

    Homework all week (Wednesay-Friday) study any notes done in class.

    Monday- LABOR DAY

    Tuesday- Finish Bill Nye- collect notes taken during video for points- Observation #3

    Wednesday: Roots and Stems notes given - vocab completed in class

    Thursday: Finish any vocab and begin book notes

    Friday: finish observation notes and observation #4- QUIZ on vocab!

    roots and stems blank graphic organizer

    roots and stems graphic organizer Completed

    Roots and Stems vocab blank

    roots and stems vocab complete


    Week of Aug 23-27

    Monday- observation #2 and seeds book notes- grade will be taken

    Tuesday- finish notes study

    Wednesday- self-assessment- students will be asked test questions and students will need to write out their answers- not graded

    Thursday- TEST on seeds vocab and book notes- this will be collected with the test

    Friday- observation #3- grade will be taken

    Week of Aug 19-23

    seeds notes blank

    completed seeds notes

    seeds vocab complete

    seeds graphic organizer blank


    Monday- grade tests and finish case studies- students are practicing observing and inferencing

    Tuesday: Plant the plants- students will be planting Wisconsin Fast Plants which will be our focus for five weeks

    Wednesday: reward for 3Ps if earned, otherwise, set up for seeds notes

    Thursday: Seeds notes

    Friday: observation #1 of plant growth

    HOMEWORK ALL WEEK- review any notes done in class nightly


    Week of Aug 12-16- 

    *** homework each night- to review in class notes a minimum of 20 minutes to prepare for Friday's quiz***

    scientific method notes- Please exclude constants/controls and independent vs dependent variables

    Monday: finish partner introductions and being scientific method notes- students will be making a graphic organizer with all notes

    Tuesday: scientific method notes- students will be shown a powerpoint and are required to write in notes as they are explained.

    Wednesday: finish notes, review, begin case studies- the case studies are a way to implement the knowledge learned (scientific method)

    Thursday: case studies in class

    Friday: quiz on scientific method notes- students will need to know how to explain what happens within that part of the scientific method.


    Week of Aug 5-9

    science safety contract- ALL

    Monday- GATE contracts due  All- safety contracts sent home- due Friday signed- in class- find commonalities among peers

    Tuesday- dice-breakers and name game

    Wednesday- Who am I?- personal questionnaire and share

    Thursday- peer interviews

    Friday- QUIZ on safety contract- the quiz will only cover the information on the contract.  The contract is also due on Friday. I will NOT collect it early so that students can review.