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    Dear Parents and Students,

       I am honored to be an 8th grade science teacher here at Aprende in the Kyrene School District! To give you some background information about me; I was born and raised in the small mining town of Miami, Arizona. I graduated from Miami High School, and later moved on to pursue a degree in Secondary Education at Grand Canyon University (Go Lopes!) Throughout my educational career I have had some amazing science teachers who have influenced my life in a positive manner. I now strive to take all of the skills and experiences those wonderful educators gave me and pass them on to my students. I have always expected excellence from myself, and now expect that same level of excellence from my students.

       At home I’m a gamer, playing popular games such as Minecraft, Mariokart, and Super Smash Brothers; Though I find enjoyment from playing video games, I also have a passion for board games. Games like Unfair, Splendor, and Dungeon Fighter. I find that getting away from technology can really refresh the mind!

       I am so excited for the 2020-21 school year!


    Why I teach...

         Growing up, I was always drawn to teachers because of my parents influence. That being said Science was a subject I did well in because it requires curiostity, as well as a broad and well rounded mind. I often like to point out that science is the best subject because it incorporates all of the other subjects. We use studies and history to create new theories and new questions to explore. We use math to  carry out those studies and to give us quantifiable evidence to support our findings. Lastly we use English to define and convey our results and questions in ways that everyone can understand. 

         In school it was almost always the science teachers who made the biggest impact on my year. One of these teachers was named Shawn Boxell, he was my anatomy professor in junior college. He was a knowlegeable, kind, and influential. During my first year at GCU, Shawn passed away of a stroke. This is when I knew I had to pass on his love for science to others. More Recently I came in contact with an amazings science teacher: Kathy Clark-Couey. This woman was the person good teachers strive to be. She knew her chemistry and physics well and taught me so much during my first year teaching. She recently passed away, and I am going to make it my goal to be as good as her someday. My Father, Larry Brown taught art at every age level imagineable from kindergarten to college. I spent many hours in his classroom watching him teach. The love his students gave him because of his compassion, understanding, and positive attitude is what drives me as an educator every day. I want my students to love, remember, and appreciate my lessons, as much as his students did his.

       I love learning so much that I aim to learn something new every day, hopefully I can pass on this mindset to my students. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I appreciate it

                                 J. Brown


    Room: 214

    Phone: 480.541.6634