• Dual Language Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Dual Language Program the same as a bilingual program?

  • What are the benefits of having my child in the Dual Language Program?

  • Are there any requirements to enroll my child in the Dual Language Program?

  • What is the transition like for Dual Language students in high school?

  •  What are parents saying about the Dual Language Program?

    "Our children attend Kyrene de los Niños in the dual language program. Seeing our children progress to become blingual and biliterate in Spanish and English has been a joy for us as parents. A second language is an invaluable skill to have. The teachers, staff and administration are all innovative thinkers bringing more and more resources to our kids. Kyrene is not our home district we commute about 30 minutes to school and it is well worth it. The wonderful after-school program Kids Club is also a dual language environment! We couldn't be happier with the school selection for our kids."
    "My daughter is thrilled about learning Spanish. So thrilled, she recently told me she wants to learn all languages. I love hearing her not only speak another language, but use proper dialect as well. The pride she exudes while teaching me new words is priceless. I wish I had this opportunity, but am very thankful she does."
    "I love watching my kids sound out words in two languages. In just a few short months I can already tell they are processing information in new ways. The online tools make it simple for me to help them practice at home even though I don't speak Spanish." 
    "After 4 months in the Lagos Dual Language program, my child is now correcting me on my Spanish pronunciation! This is a true testament that the program is working and that her young brain is truly a sponge."
    “We are thrilled with the program. Our daughter has already learned so much. We look forward to seeing her fluency improve.”
    “What an opportunity! Our 6 year old has absorbed so much in this program."We have given her a great advantage by enrolling her in the Dual Language Academy.”
    “Hearing your child speak and read a foreign language is priceless. Learning Spanish so young will offer positive life-long effects for our daughter.”
    “For us, the Dual Language program supports exactly what we encourage in our home and emphasizes the importance of developing skills for a second language in conjunction with their education. We are very excited that this type of learning environment is not short term but will continue on for six years!”
Last Modified on October 4, 2019