Welcome to the Cielo Garden!

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    Here in the Cielo Garden we welcome students, teachers, parents, caterpillars, crickets, bees, butterflies, birds, and bugs of all kinds. Everyone contributes to the success of the garden and the valuable opportunities for learning that happen here.

    caterpillar The garden has two distinct planting seasons – fall and spring. Teachers are encouraged to adopt one of the beds for their class and parents are always welcome to help out. Gardening helps bring classroom learning to life, giving students an opportunity to observe the plant life cycle, study bugs and taste produce they have harvested themselves. In the fall, we plant lettuces, radishes and broccoli. In the spring, we have tomatoes, eggplant, strawberries, pumpkins and squashes. Carrots, a kid favorite, are planted year-round. The garden is a designated Monarch Waystation and has a thriving butterfly bed that hosts queen and monarch caterpillars in the fall and spring.

    Students can visit the garden through the DiscoveRoom, which has two beds for exploration. Parent volunteers are always welcome to teach short lessons during lunch recess several times per year.

    All this was made possible through grants from Cielo PTO, your tax credit donations through Site Council, Western Growers Association and the Desert Botanical Garden. A huge thank you to each and every parent, teacher and student who help out in the garden. It’s an exciting place to visit! 

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    Interested in volunteering?

    The garden team is always happy to welcome additional volunteers.

    Please contact Stephanie Winn (sbwinn@msn.com).

Last Modified on July 31, 2018