• Oceanography Trip to San Diego

    Spring 2017 – San Diego, California - Project Exploration Oceans Date is TBD

    Kyrene Middle School student in grades 6-8 are invited to join Kyrene Middle School teacher Dan Schindele and other teachers on the Project Exploration Oceans trip to San Diego  . There are 45 slots available, first come first serve.

    Contact: Janis Barden jbardin@kyrene.org and Dan Schindele at dschin@kyrene.org 

           PERMISSION FORMS     

     The trip includes the following:

    ·         An exclusive 3-hour Floating Laboratory experience guided by an oceanographer on the beautiful Pacific Ocean where animals will be pulled off the ocean floor to create their own touch tanks.

    ·          Sea World

    ·          Stephen Birch Aquarium and Museum (dissection lab and exhibits)

    ·          Midway Aircraft Carrier

    ·         Wyndam Garden hotel 


    ·         Meals are not Included

    ·         Night Security provided by Project Exploration each night at the hotel.

    ·         Adults  chaperones pay the same amount as the students with a maximum of 5 per bus so we keep room for more students.

    Date: TBD; depart Thursday morning at 7:45 and return by 10 pm Saturday night.

    Total Cost:  $400- You can use tax credit for this trip.  Fundraiser will be offered as well.

    Register at 

    Trip Details:

    The Trip is offered through Project Exploration and I have been using them for the past 19 years with my trips at Akimel Middle School and Kyrene Middle School. This is a hands-on learning experience which introduces the students to oceanography.  We travel in charter busses to San Diego and experience a floating lab where the students use an otter trawl to pull animals from the ocean floor. An oceanographer teaches the students about the animals we have caught, and also runs on board experiments as well as a touch tank populated with the animals we found. We create a touch tank for the safe animals and  a veiwing tank for those less safe. All animals are returned to the ocean. We travel over to the Birch Aquarium at La Jolla and have dissection lab, self-guided tour, touch tank, etc.  In La Jolla, we will explore different parts of the ocean on walks and a little hike.  We will move over to downtown San Diego and have a tour of the Midway Air Craft Carrier and then back to the hotel. We will spend a good portion of one day at Sea World and will arrive home Saturday evening. A sample itinerary is on the next page of this document.


    Group Leaders: Janis Barden jbardin@kyrene.org  and Dan Schindele – email at dschin@kyrene.org  phone: 480-241-9897

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