• Spanish Spelling Homework

    Your child will be assigned 10 weekly spelling words. These spelling words are part of our Reading curriculum and your child will be exposed to these words during the week that they are assigned. They will work on a specific type of syllable for that week and will focus a lot of their reading time practicing these new syllables. We provide this optional homework to help your child understand that in Spanish they need to hear the sounds as syllables. For example in the word "casa" they should hear two sounds: ca/sa and should be able to write it as such ____ ____ understanding that there this is a 2 syllable word. Your child is not required to "memorize" these words simply to get a good grade on their weekly spelling test, but should be practicing the ability to hear and break down words in spanish in order to write them. They are also not required to know the meaning of these words and definitely not be able to apply them independently. If you notice that your child does not do well on a test, that simply means that they had a harder time with those syllables of could benefit from extra practice hearing and writing sounds (syllables) in words. 

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