• The Kyrene Long Term Alternative to Suspension Program
    (LTAP) provides structured academic support to students who have been suspended off campus for a period of over 10 days.

    To be placed in the program a student must be recommended by the home school Administrator and the KASP/LTAP Coordinator/Counselor must agree that there is capacity in the program to have the student attend.  The parent must also agree to accept the program in lieu of the long term off campus suspension.

    If accepted into the program, the LTAP teachers customize the program based on the student's academic needs and the program capacity. Students attend the program 5 days per week. While in the LTAP Program students receive direct instruction from the LTAP teachers in the core academic content areas and also receive counseling support.  Transportation can be provided within the Kyrene School boundaries.

    If the student is assigned to the program for a grading period, then grades are issued by the LTAP teachers.

    Upon successful completion of the LTAP Program, the student is then transferred into the 15-day KASP Program where the student  will receive Character Education instruction in addition to continued academic instruction and counseling support. 

    After successful completion of the LTAP and KASP programs, a Re-Entry Conference is held with the student, parent, KASP/LTAP staff, and home school staff.  At the Conference a decision is made regarding the student’s return to the home school.  Any additional support that is needed will be discussed in order to ensure the student’s  successful return to a school program.

Last Modified on January 30, 2020