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    Below are some great websites and resources for your child to help them in their study of the Spanish language.  None of these are required, but they are great for additional practice or for fun.   
    spanish/english dictionary sites and apps - these are great for help with a word but PLEASE do NOT use them to translate long phrases or paragraphs.  Any electronic tool cannot possibly detect the nuances of language and they do not do well with long phrases.
    Word Reference   (This is my preference due to high accuracy and additional explanations)
    games, activities
    spanish4teachers - has a long list of games with various subjects that we will cover 
    Quia - search using the concept we are covering for a variety of games 
    videos and reading
    Sr Jordan - he has great online videos explaining spanish grammar, here is is youtube channel
    Below is the link to the Question Words Song 
     Online worksheets and grammar practice