• Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I become a registered vendor?
    Click Here to Go to www.azpurchasing.org and you will be directed to the AZPurchasing website which is the District database of vendors.

    How do I receive solicitation notifications?
    After you register with AZPurchasing, you will be notified via email through the AZPurchasing website. It is each vendor's responsibility to keep their information in AZPurchasing current and up to date.

    How do I introduce my product or service to Kyrene?
    Appointments may be scheduled by directly contacting the purchasing staff member via email (contact our team).

    Do all purchases require a purchase order?
    All commitments of purchases by the Kyrene Elementary School District will be made by an approved Purchase Order number assigned by the Purchasing Department. Products/services are not to be delivered without an approved Purchase Order. Orders accepted without a purchase is done so at the Vendors own risk.

    Who do I contact regarding payments and/or invoices?
    Questions regarding payments and/or invoices shall be directed to Accounts Payable.
Last Modified on April 18, 2023