• 1-to-1 Learning


    The Kyrene School District continuously strives to prepare students by engaging them in 21st Century learning experiences in order to empower them and ensure success throughout their lives. The Kyrene School District’s integration of technology into the curriculum has received recognition from the National School Boards Association.

    Technology in Kyrene

    All Kyrene students will demonstrate 21st Century skills of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration, with the primary goal being improved student achievement.

    Our students and teachers already use technology as part of the learning process every day. In its simplest form, the 1-to-1 model will merely increase the number of computing devices available to students. Through professional development, our teachers are creating new learning experiences that empower and engage students. They also incorporate more individualized learning opportunities and provide more choices to students for how they may demonstrate mastery of content.

    The ultimate goal is to help students develop 21st Century skills of: creativity and innovation; communication and collaboration; research and information fluency; critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making; and digital citizenship. These skills are essential to successfully navigate our highly dynamic and ever-evolving digital world.

    1:1 Implementation Resources
    kyrene kid logo with laptop

    As you start using your 1:1 devices with your students, you will want to make sure they know what is expected of them when they are using their assigned devices. Below you will find links to the  Kyrene Digital Driver’s License checklist, 1:1 Rules of the Road student agreement form, and our Student AUP presentation.

Last Modified on July 10, 2023