Kyrene School District

Blueprint Goals and Objectives
The Kyrene Blueprint goal is to increase student learning.  
Learning is the primary focus area with four supporting focus areas.
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Our Vision: Kyrene’s vision is to prepare all students to meet educational and life challenges in order to make positive contributions to society.
Our Mission: To realize our vision, Kyrene seeks to inspire and engage our diverse community of students, staff, families and citizens to ensure continuous academic achievement and personal growth for every student.

 Focused on Learning

Kyrene provides challenging learning experiences to foster
the growth and success of our students.

We will increase the percentage of students who Meet or Exceed State Standards

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Areas that Support our Focus on Learning


Kyrene expects staff members to work as one team to responsibly leverage human and fiscal resources to ensure the success of our students.

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Kyrene values engaged employees who are dedicated to supporting our students.

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Kyrene provides a safe, secure, technologically-advanced, and aesthetically pleasing environment to support the learning of our students.

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Kyrene aspires to engage all stakeholders in the work of our district, increasing the quality of life for our students and community.

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