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    As a 6th grader, Pueblo students attended a “Courage Conference” held here at school. In 7th grade, they attend an “Awareness Day” here at school as well.  Now, as an 8th Grader, your child has the opportunity to apply for the “Empower Camp”.  Among students, this is certainly one of the most popular activities offered here at Pueblo.  Your child is required to complete an application to participate in the Empower Camp.  This incredible three day Camp is meant to provide students with proven and innovative empowerment activities that develop the confidence, motivation, compassion and resilience necessary to thrive in today’s world and to navigate some of the social pressures of young teenagers in our society.

     Students who have attended in the past have used phrases such as, “Amazing”,  “ Thank you, this changed my life!”, “I finally made friends with people I thought were jerks!”,  “It was the most fun and rewarding time I have ever had in a school event!”

    The camp is led by Mr. Scott Segerson, a veteran teacher here at Pueblo. It is also led by Mrs. Julie Jaskolski, our past school counselor, who now has her own private practice. They are joined by other Pueblo teachers as well as many carefully screened high school/college students who have already experienced this camp and wish to “pay it forward”.

    The purpose of this camp is to empower students to become leaders in transforming their schools and communities to be more just and inclusive. The experience is designed to lay the groundwork for students to step out of their comfort zone and begin to understand themselves and others. 

    The campsite is located at Whispering Pines in Prescott, AZ.  The food is fabulous and the weather is nice and cool enhanced by the fresh aroma of pine trees. Students sleep in heated cabins and are supervised by Pueblo staff and trained high school and college aged staff. All staff are fingerprinted and have attended prior camps and trainings run by the camp’s Directors.

     The cost of the camp is $225.00, and this amount covers food, lodging, transportation, supplies, and a  t-shirt. The cost of the camp does qualify for Arizona State Tax Credit. Students will not be turned away due to financial concerns and once the students have been selected, scholarship information will be available upon parental request. 

     You will leave November 3rd - Friday morning - from school at 7:30 am and return back to school on Sunday, November 5th around 3:00 PM


    Develop Effective Leadership Skills

    Promote Cultural and Social Awareness

    Understanding and Celebrating Diversity


    • After students are selected from the application process, parents and students will be provided with more details, i.e., list of things to bring, procedures for medications, etc.
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