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    Jasper Johns
    Three Flags
    Richard Haas
    The Brotherhood Building
    Margaret Courtney-Clarke
    African Canvas
    Pablo Picasso
    Three Musicians
    Louisa McElwain
    Desert Rain God
    Kenny Scharf
    Opulado Teeveona
    Norman Rockwell
    The Dugout
    Japanese Wood Cut Panels
    Pine Wood
    Marilyn Levine
    H.R.H. Briefcase
    Sherry Markovitz   Bear's LairGreat Plains Indian/Sioux
    Quilled Baby Carrier

    Winslow Homer
    Snap The Whip
    Marc Chagall
    Paris Through The Window

    David Bates
    Feeding the Dogs
    Helen Escobedo
    Coatl (Snake)
    Philip Evergood
    Sunny Side of the Street
    Utagawa Toyaharu
    Interior & Landscape
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    The Washerwoman
    Vincent Van Gogh
    Landscape at Arles: The Orchard
    René Magritte
    The Empire of Lights
    Ed Mell
    Sweeping Clouds
    Henri Matisse
    The Purple Robe
    Henri Rousseau
    Surprised! Storm in the Forest
    Henry Ossawa Tanner
    The Banjo Lesson
    Leo Sewell
    Joseph Stella
    Flowers, Italy
    Bella Coola Mask Representing the Sun

    Deborah Butterfield

    Shonto Begay
    The Story Rock
    Paul Klee
    Senecio: Head of a Man
    Vincent Van Gogh
    The Starry Night
    Helen Frankenthaler
    Blue Atmosphere
    Ohara Shoson
    White Birds In Snow
    Raoul Dufy
    Mediterranean Scene
    The Wolf General
    Wayne Thiebaud
    Four Ice Cream Cones
    Allan Crite
    Parade On Hammond Street
    19th Century
    African Masks
    Georges Seurat
    The Circus

    Faith Ringgold
    Mrs. Jones and Family

    Cave Art
    Standing Bison

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