•  Math Intervention
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    The Kyrene District is dedicated to providing all students an opportunity to excel.  Your child has been given the opportunity to receive extra support in math through Math Intervention.  Our focus in Math Intervention is to build your child's number sense and to fill in his or her math gaps.  Our program saw great success last year, with 71% of our kids making one and a half years or MORE of growth in one year. 
    We will work with the District purchased, i-Ready computer-based program for 35 - 45 minutes per week.  This program adapts to your child's individual needs, formulating a program of study, crafted just for them, based on their performance on a Begging of the Year and Middle Year Diagnostic test.  
    We will also spend a lot of time focused on building their number sense through high-interest, problem-based lessons, and math games through whole group, small groups, and individual instruction.  We will support the overall concepts they are learning in their grade level class but it will not mirror the exact concepts.  
    Our emphasis will focus on:
    • Ratio and Proportional Relationships
    • Functions
    • Expressions and Equations 
    • The Number System
    • Geometry
    • Statistics and Probability