• Aprende is applying grading best practices in order to accurately communicate a student’s academic achievements in each content area. Teachers assign work for a variety of purposes. Sometimes work is practice towards a new skill, and other times assignments are meant to measure a student’s progress towards certain curricular standards. Practice is important so that students can improve their skills and deepen their understanding, so that, when presented with an assessment, they can demonstrate mastery.

    We expect all our students to complete their work. Missing assignments present a challenge because there is nothing to score. In order to accurately communicate mastery of standards, there needs to be something to evaluate. Missing assignments should be completed within guidelines set by the teacher. However, if a missing assignment is not completed, it will be marked as an F in Parent/Student VUE because there is no evidence of mastery on this skill.

    The grading scale we use is as follows:

    A = 90 – 100
    B = 80 – 89
    C = 70 – 79
    D = 60 – 69
    F = 50 – 59

    This grading scale has equal intervals between each letter grade. 

    Grade Weighting

    60% = Performance-based Assessments (End of Unit and Final)

    20% = Assessments (Written Tests and Quizzes)
    20% = Practice (Homework and other practice)

    Posting of Student Grades
    Grades will be posted in the Parent Portal regularly. Please check student grades there on a regular basis.