• orange book  Homework
    All homework will go home on Wednesday's and is due the following Wednesday.  The homework expectation is that your student is reading a minimum of 120 minutes, but feel free to read more than that.  We encourage students to read at least 30 minutes a day.  Please make sure that you sign the bottom of the homework page before returning it.  If your student has misplaced their homework, feel free to print it off from here. 
    Homework that is due:
    August 12th                                     January 13th
    August 19th                                     January 20th
    August 26th                                     January 27th
    September 2nd                                 February 3rd
    September 9th                                  February 10th
    September 16th                                 February 17th
    September 23rd                               March 2nd
    September 30th                               March 23rd
    October 21st                                    March 30th
    October 28th                                   April 6th
    November 4th                                 April 27th
    November 12th                               May 4th
    November 18th                               May 11th