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  • Grading Policies
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    Kyrene District Middle School Grading Scale
    90 - 100% = A
    80 - 89% = B
    70 - 79% = C
    60 - 69% = D
    0 - 59% = F

    Kyrene District Middle School Grade Weighting
    • 20% Classwork - includes Classroom Work, Homework, Bell Work, Exit and Entrance Tickets…
    • 80% Assessments - includes Homework Quizzes, Review Quizzes, Check-In Quizzes, Book Projects, Small Group Projects, Unit Tests...
    Posting of Student Grades - Using Synergy/StudentVue/ParentVue Portal
    • Upcoming projects, assignments, unit tests, etc. will be posted ahead of time in Google Classroom and students are encouraged to use the calendar feature to keep track of assigned work and due dates.
    • On average, two to four grades will be posted weekly in the Student/Parent Portal.
    • Please note that essays and book projects are large projects that take considerable time to grade. So, just as the students took several weeks to complete the project, it will take me several weeks to grade all 150+ of the projects for each individual student.