Compact Math 4/5

  • Compact Math 4/5a

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     Instructional Focus Units (By Quarter)


    Quarter 1

    Grade 4

    Unit 1

    Unit 2


    Whole Numbers: Place Value, Comparison, Addition, and Subtraction

    Operations: Multiplication, Division, and Algebraic Thinking

    Quarter 2

    Grade 4

    Unit 3

    Unit 4


    Multi-Digit Operations and Measurement: Multiplication, Division, Perimeter, and Area

    Fractions, Decimals, and Measurement: Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication

    Quarter 3

    Grade 4

    Unit 5

    Grade 5

    Unit 1


    Geometry and Measurement: Figures, Classification, and Symmetry


    Whole Number Operations: Volume, Multiplication, and Division

    Quarter 4

    Grade 5

    Unit 2

    Unit 3


    Decimals and Fractions: Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction

    More Decimals: Multiplication and Division


    Instructional Focus Units (By Unit with Lesson Titles)

    Grade 4,

    Unit 1


    Whole Numbers

    Lesson 1: Understand Place Value

    Lesson 2: Compare Whole Numbers

    Lesson 3: Round Whole Numbers

    Lesson 4: Add Whole Numbers

    Lesson 5: Subtract Whole Numbers

    Grade 4,

    Unit 2


    Operations and Algebraic Thinking

    Lesson 6: Understand Multiplication as a Comparison

    Lesson 7: Multiplication and Division in Word Problems

    Lesson 8: Multiples and Factors

    Lesson 9: Number and Shape Patterns

    Lesson 10: Model and Solve Multi-Step Problems

    Grade 4, 

    Unit 3


    Multi-Digit Operations and Measurement

    Lesson 11: Multiply by One-Digit Numbers

    Lesson 12: Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers

    Lesson 13: Use Multiplication to Convert Measurements

    Lesson 14: Divide Three-Digit Numbers

    Lesson 15: Divide Four-Digit Numbers

    Lesson 16: Find Perimeter and Area

    Grade 4,

    Unit 4


    Fractions, Decimals, and Measurement

    Lesson 17: Understand Equivalent Fractions

    Lesson 18: Compare Fractions

    Lesson 19: Understand Fraction Addition and Subtraction

    Lesson 20: Add and Subtract Fractions

    Lesson 21: Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers

    Lesson 22: Add and Subtract Fractions in Line Plots

    Lesson 23: Understand Fraction Multiplication

    Lesson 24: Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers

    Lesson 25: Fractions as Tenths and Hundredths

    Lesson 26: Relate Decimals and Fractions

    Lesson 27: Compare Decimals

    Lesson 28: Problems About Time and Money

    Lesson 29: Problems About Length, Liquid Volume, Mass, and Weight

    Grade 4,

    Unit 5


    Geometry and Measurement


    Lesson 30: Points, Lines, Rays, and Angles

    Lesson 31: Angles

    Lesson 32: Add and Subtract with Angles

    Lesson 33: Classify Two-Dimensional Figures

    Lesson 34: Symmetry

    Grade 5,

    Unit 1


    Whole Number Operations and Applications

    Lesson 1: Understand Volume

    Lesson 2: Find Volume Using Unit Cubes

    Lesson 3: Find Volume Using Formulas

    Lesson 4: Multiply Whole Numbers

    Lesson 5: Divide Whole Numbers

    Grade 5,

    Unit 2


    Decimals and Fractions


    Lesson 6: Understand Place Value

    Lesson 7: Understand Powers of 10

    Lesson 8: Read and Write Decimals

    Lesson 9: Compare and Round Decimals

    Lesson 10: Add Decimals

    Lesson 11: Subtract Decimals

    Lesson 12: Add Fractions

    Lesson 13: Subtract Fractions

    Lesson 14: Add and Subtract in Word Problems

    Grade 5,

    Unit 3


    More Decimals and Fractions


    Lesson 15: Multiply a Decimal by a Whole Number

    Lesson 16: Multiply Decimals

    Lesson 17: Divide Decimals

    Lesson 18: Fractions as Division

    Lesson 19: Understand Multiplication by a Fraction

    Lesson 20: Multiply Fractions to Find Area

    Lesson 21: Understand Multiplication as Scaling

    Lesson 22: Multiply Fractions in Word Problems

    Lesson 23: Understand Division with Unit Fractions

    Lesson 24: Divide Unit Fractions in Word Problems