Library Information & Policies




    Library Hours
    M,T, Th, F              7:40a – 2:35p

    Wed                       7:40a – 12:35p

    Checkout Policies

    The checkout period for students is two weeks. Students may not checkout a book if one is overdue. In order to renew a book, students must have the book in hand.


    Number of Books Students May Checkout – limit of ONE book in series
    Kindergarten: 1 book
    1st Grade: 2 book
    2nd Grade: 2 books
    3rd Grade: 2 books

    4th Grade: 3 books

    5th Grades: 3 books

    Lost or Damaged Books
    Sometimes our books are damaged or lost. Students are expected to pay for the cost of these books to be repaired or replaced. Payment is preferred instead of replacement. Books are purchased from a library vendor, and are library bound and processed for computer checkout. If a lost book is found within the school year of payment, a refund will be provided.

    Book Care
    Help your child learn to take proper care of their library books.

    bullet arrow  Select a safe place at home for library books away from young siblings and pets.
    bullet arrow  Keep water bottles inside a Ziploc plastic bag to prevent water damage.
    bullet arrow  Clean hands are best when reading!

    bullet arrow  Read either before or after eating and/or drinking.

    Behavior Guidelines
    The environment of the Monte Vista library is one of a working classroom. All staff, students, and volunteers are to be calm and quiet. The guidelines are as follows:
    Respect our library materials
                    Use a bookmark to save your spot.
                    Tell us about lost or damaged books.

    Everything has a correct place.

                    Clean up after yourself.
                    Use shelf markers when searching for books.

    Always share.
                    Return books by the due date

                    Renew books before they are overdue.

    Don't disturb others working in the library.
                    Speak in soft, indoor voices.
                    Walk, don't run.