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    DISCOVERoom Events - Past & Present
    The DISCOVERoom is Holding a Lego Competition February 11 through March 11!

    This is a classroom competition that will be awarded by grade level. Themes are as follows:

    • 2nd grade – Robots
    • 3rd grade – Creatures
    • 4th – Space
    • 5th – Something that moves

    Talk to your teacher if you are interested in participating.
    We will have some special building projects for K & 1st grades as well.

    Sci Tech Festival Arizona SciTech Festival
    Click here to see photos of the DISCOVERoom's participation at this event!

    Chandler Science Spectacular

    Chandler's Science Spectacular!
    The DISCOVERoom participated in the Chandler's Science Spectacular (part of the AZSciTech Fest)

    Our interactive exhibit was:  EXPLORING HOW GPS WORKS
    Click here to see some photos from the event

    3 budgies Budgie Raffle Winners!     
    Jessica Anberg - (1st grade Cota) - adopted Gertrude

    The Backer brothers - Ryan (2nd grade - Plenn & Kirby) & Erik (5th grade - Zsorey) adopted Kiwi.

    Madison Wasson - Richardson (1st grade) adopted Blueberry

    Mrs. Saylor's and Mrs. Whitaker's class will be sharing Apollo Pepper

    Bird Name Contest Winners

    K - Blue Berry (Mrs. Jacoby)

    1 - Rio (Mrs. Bryant)

    2 - Kiwi (Mrs. Kirby & Mrs. Plenn)

    3 - Apollo Pepper (Mrs. Whitaker)

    4 - Gertrude (we hope it's a girl!)  Mrs. May

    Momma bird is "Athena" and Papa Bird is "Grassy" - they were named by their family long before the contest but all the birds now have a last name and they are Officially Known as: The Twitter Family

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