• Traditional Academy Information and Requirements
    Grade Levels
    • KTA will offer kindergarten through 6th grade for the 2017-18 school year.
    A grade level will then be added each year until K-8th grade is achieved:
    • K-7th grade will be available for the 2018-19 school year.
    • K-8th grade will be available for the 2019-20 school year.
    Program Information
    • Students will have the same special area classes (Music, Art, PE, Library) that are offered at all other Kyrene Schools.
    • Special Education and Gifted Services will be available to qualifying students.
    • Class sizes will be in alignment with Kyrene District guidelines.
    • After school enrichment classes will be offered.
    • Character Counts will provide a foundation for the school.
    • Consistent school-wide rules will be used in all classrooms (including special) and on the playground.
      This plan will be shared in the parent handbook.
    • The school wide plan will include positive reinforcements that are motivating to students and consistent across the schools.
       KEYS: The “Three B’s”: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible
    • A coupon incentive program will be used to support the school-wide discipline plan.
      Coupons are redeemed at the “school store”.
    Prescribed Student Dress
    • Uniform pants, shorts, skorts, jumpers and skirts will be khaki and navy in color.
    • Collared shirts in white, navy blue or red can be plain or with the school logo only.
    • Sweatshirts/sweaters worn in school can be red, white or navy only.
    • Outerwear (coats) can be any color/print.
    • Jeans can be worn only on Friday Spirit Days with any school shirt.
    • Sturdy shoes or sandals are required; “flip flops” are not allowed
    • “Free Dress Day” can be earned by classroom or grade level as part of a school-wide plan.
    • Specific details about the dress code will be shared in the parent handbook.
    Parental Involvement
    • Parents/guardians are required to attend specific key events (Meet The Teacher, Curriculum Night, two parent conferences).  
       In addition, a parent/guardian or other adult family member must volunteer a minimum of
       five (5) hours of service through the year.
    • Services that fill this requirement will be determined and communicated.
    • The principal or assistant principal will call parents if they do not attend the required events.
    • Parents will sign a commitment agreement each year.
    • The schedule of homework will be consistent and predictable.
    • Homework will be assigned 4-5 days per week at each grade level.
    • Agendas and/or forms will be provided for each grade level that to communicate
      daily homework expectations and responsibility.
    • Homework for all grades will include 15-20 minutes of reading in additional to other homework.
    • Long-range homework projects or reports will be required, based on grade level and content area.
      Parents are expected to support the successful completion of these projects and reports.
    Instructional Resources and Approaches
    • Reading/Language Arts will use Harcourt, Spalding and Junior Great Books.
    • Math will use Investigations, Saxon and Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI).
    • Science, Social Studies and Health will use current Kyrene resources.
    • Writing will be included in both Harcourt and Spalding components, as well as with the content areas,
      using the six trait model.
    • Recitation will be a requirement for all grades.
    • Handwriting will be manuscript, aligning with Spalding.
    • Cursive instruction will begin in 2nd/3rd grade
    • Junior Great Books is used for reading enhancement in all grades.
    Classroom Organization
    • Spalding and Saxon will be taught as prescribed in program manuals.
    • During direct, whole-group instruction, students will be seated in rows facing the front of the room.
    • Other instructional times will allow for more flexibility in grouping and delivery mode, as appropriate for the lesson.
Last Modified on June 2, 2017