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    Welcome to the Cielo DISCOVERoom!


    The Kyrene del Cielo DISCOVERoom is a room dedicated to providing students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a science and engineering-rich environment.  This is science-engineering enrichment funded by YOUR TAX CREDIT DOLLARS.



    This Week in the DISCOVERoom
    AZ Science Center  
    This week we have the AZ Science Center visiting for
     Whirly Twirly Flying Things - they are bringing their wind tunnel! 


    Last Week in the DISCOVERoom
    Kid to Kid Presentation image
    This week we have 5th grader Miriam Spencer and her
    amazing Mice in the DR

    DISCOVERoom Announcements
    Re-Opening to students in September in our brand new space, Room A-12. 
    We will be open for visits on August 14 and 15 for Curriculum Nights.  We welcome visitors!
    In the meantime, read all about the DISCOVERoom featured in the Notre Dame Alumni
    online publication: DISCOVERoom on WeAreND

    We need volunteers on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and the occasional Wednesday during lunch recess but we also need the following volunteers who can work at home or anytime convenient at school:
    • Social Media poster/monitor
    • Newsletter writer
    • Videographer
    • Activity prep (occasional and as needed - doing things like making jello or playdough in preparation for weekly activities)
    At School but flexible time
    • Admin help (especially at the beginning of the year)
    • Room reorganizer (once a month)
    • Invention bin monitor (once a week)
    There will be New Volunteer Orientations on Tuesday August 27 at 8am and 1:30pm and Wednesday August 29 at 11:30am - all in the DR. 
    Anyone who wishes to volunteer should email discoveroomkyrene@gmail.com subject Cielo Volunteer or submit your interest via our online volunteer form.
    Thank you!

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    View all of our past and present DISCOVERoom videos here .    




Last Modified on November 8, 2023