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    Welcome to the Cielo DISCOVERoom!


    The Kyrene del Cielo DISCOVERoom is a room dedicated to providing students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a science and engineering-rich environment.  This is science-engineering enrichment funded by YOUR TAX CREDIT DOLLARS.



     This Week in the DISCOVERoom
    This week in the DISCOVERoom we are headed outside to the Garden.
    Check out this video. We saw caterpillars, larvae and chrysalis.


     Last Week in the DISCOVERoom
    Origami Star  
    This week in the DISCOVERoom we have Aida Desch doing Origami.
    She'll teach us the art of folding paper.
    Come fold with us! 

    We are a volunteer run group and we would love for you to join us! We are always looking for:
    • Lunchtime Volunteers (recurring volunteer or weekly/biweekly/monthly/sub)
    • At Home Helpers (repair items, take apart and label items, cut out laminated items, etc)
    • Presenters (lead a 5-10 minute science/engineering activity during lunch recess)
    • Donations

    If you are interested in being volunteer this year, please email
    DISCOVERoomKyrene@gmail.com subj. Cielo DR volunteer or submit your interest via our online volunteer form. Thank you!



    View all of our past and present DISCOVERoom videos here .