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    Aprende AVID National Demonstration School

  • What AVID is...

    • AVID is an acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.
    • AVID is a college readiness system available for elementary, secondary, and higher education.
    • AVID places academically average to above-average students - 2.0 to 3.5 - in honor and AP classes.
    • AVID teaches academic and social skills not targeted in other classes.
    • AVID provides intensive support with in-class tutors and a strong student/teacher relationship.
    • AVID creates a positive peer group for students.
    • AVID develops a sense of hope and personal achievement gained through hard work and determination.
    • AVID accelerates under-achieving students who have potential into more rigorous courses.

    AVID is a National Demonstration School

    Aprende was named an AVID National Demonstration School, the highest honor an AVID school can achieve.

    AVID National Demonstration School



    Rachel Polay Denver Summer Institute 2022

    Imagine what’s possible when educators rally around their student population with unwavering support, break down

    barriers, align their work through a vision of college and career readiness, and advocate for student opportunity.

    Rachel Polay tells us about her AVID journey and how AVID has impacted her as an educator. 



    Apply today!

    Aprende's AVID is accepting applications for the new school year. 

    23-24 Aprende AVID Application


    Questions? Check out this video:

    This is AVID at Aprende!



    Jackie Williams, AVID Coordinator 



    AVID Information: 

    AVID National Snapshot

    Aprende AVID Information Sheet

    Kyrene AVID Information


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