Kyrene School District


Kyrene Library Media

The media center in Kyrene is the hub of the school where teacher-librarians teach literacy skills, 21st century information fluency, and foster a love of reading. As active participants in the teaching and learning process, the teacher-librarians’ role is to prepare students to be literate citizens of the 21st century. They also plan with and provide media support to teachers and staff members.
It is the teacher-librarian’s goal to provide a library media program that will be “integral and collaborative in all curricular areas; address the needs of the learning community with regard to resource-based learning, information literacy skills and strategies, and resources in the curriculum; align library media program goals and objectives with curricular needs; and identify appropriate library media resources, personnel, and services to support the curriculum.” - Arizona Educator Proficiency Library Media Program Objective
Kyrene Teacher Librarians support the American Library Association and the American Association of School Librarians educational goals and standards for 21st century learners:

- Providing leadership in the total education program;
- Participating as active partners in the teaching/learning process;
- Connecting learners with ideas and information, and
- Preparing students to become life-long learners, make informed decisions, value reading, and utilize information.

Elementary Schools:
Students in grades K-5 attend weekly library classes for 45 minutes. Students also have time each week to renew and check-out library materials. Elementary teacher-librarians follow a specific curriculum which includes 21st-century skills, Common Core standards, and Internet safety. Elementary teacher-librarians maintain the library's collection of materials and support technology throughout the school.
Middle Schools:
Students in grades 6-8 visit the library with their classroom teachers and have the resources from the library available at all times during the school day. The middle school teacher-librarians support classroom teachers and students in the library as well as teach reading intervention classes to support core instruction. Middle School teacher-librarians maintain the library's collection of materials and support technology throughout the school.

Library Technicians

Kyrene library technicians are an important part of the operation of a school library. General responsibilities include overseeing circulation of library materials, shelving books, and performing a variety of clerical duties to help support the teacher-librarian and students.
children raising hands in library