• Governing Board


    Governing Board Members

    Each member of the Governing Board is elected to serve a four-year term. Every two years, either two or three positions are filled during the November general election. Board candidates must reside within the district boundaries for one year prior to being elected to office. Arizona law does not limit the number of terms a member may serve. 

    Contact the Governing Board

    Individuals interested in contacting the Governing Board may do so by sending an email to governingboard@kyrene.org. This email address will automatically transmit your message to all Governing Board members. In order to comply with the Governing Board’s communication protocols, any individual email responses may be limited. All emails are reviewed and will be forwarded to administration to address concerns and to follow up, as appropriate. Your email will be filed in accordance with public records requirements.

    *Any written or electronic correspondence sent to School District Governing Board members or staff concerning School District matters is in most cases not confidential, is a public record and may be disclosed if requested by members of the public, including news media. 

  • Role of the Governing Board

    The Board is authorized under the laws of the state of Arizona to adopt all needed policies and regulations for the organization, evaluation and governance in the District (Policy BBA). The Board performs the following basic functions necessary to the discharging of its responsibilities - legislative, executive and appraisal:

    • The legislative function is the policy-making aspect of the school system.  It is the policy of the Board to retain and exercise full legislative authority and control over the schools by adopting general policies or by acting directly in matters not covered by its policies.
    • The executive function of the Board is concerned with placing in operation existing Board policy.  Most of this function is delegated by the Board to its executive and administrative officer, the Superintendent.
    • The appraisal function involves the determination of the efficiency of the school operation and an evaluation of the educational program of the District based on the policies as outlined in the policy manual.
Last Modified on January 15, 2020