Kyrene School District


Welcome to Kyrene's Title I Program

Welcome to Kyrene's Title I Program page.  The Kyrene School District currently has two schools designated as Title I. They are:
  • Kyrene de los Niños
  • Kyrene de las Lomas

Kyrene de los Niños and Kyrene de las Lomas are designated as Schoolwide Title I programs. Title I schools receive federal funding to provide supplemental services to academically at-risk students.  Students in a Title I school may receive services regardless of their socioeconomic status if indicators predict the student is at-risk academically.  Kyrene uses multiple indicators to predict academic success.  Indicators used in evaluating eligibility include:

  • District Benchmark Assessments
  • AIMS
  • Classroom success
  • Feedback from teachers and parents

The Kyrene School District Mission

"Kyrene seeks to inspire and engage our diverse community of students, staff, families and citizens to ensure continuous academic achievement and personal growth for every student."
Using Title I funds, Kyrene provides additional support to Title I students. That support would otherwise be impossible, based on the current per-pupil funding mechanism.  The District's Title I program supplements by funding the following, depending on funding levels and the most pressing needs of the school:
  • Extended day programming
  • Push in/Pull out reading and math instruction
  • Full time math and literacy coaches
  • Additional Instructional Assistants to support classrooms
  • Professional Development for Title I teachers
  • Prevention Specialists/Counselors
  • Program supplies
  • Summer Academy and Kindergarten Readiness programs
  • Parent Education classes
  • Transportation to functions for Title I families

The Title I staff is dedicated to serving and supporting students and families eligible to receive Title I services.  Kyrene's leadership, especially Title I principals, work closely with the Title I staff to provide effective interventions and evidence-based best-practices, which are in-line with Title I guidance-to students receiving Title I services.

Please feel free to contact Educational Services with any Title I (ESEA) questions.  We have created a Title I video for your viewing.  The video discusses Niños specifically; however, the video explains Kyrene's Title I program.


Teresa Strickling, M.Ed.
Program Manager, Organizational and School Operations