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    KMS Theatre Ensemble 

    Drama Club for anyone interested in theatre at KMS either onstage or crew Theatre games, improv, decisions for productions. We elect officers. We perform for school events and help with recruitment.


    7:30AM      L104

    Mrs. Passmonick

    Sound Engineering Sound Engineering Club will help students to explore the elements of sound design and technology in theatre as a means to explore this craft as a career option. These students will be prepared to step into the role of "Sound Crew" for KMS Theatre Ensemble productions as well as assist in any need for sound technicians for any KMS activity. Learn about sound technology in Theatre. Participate in Sound Crew for KMS

    Every Other Thursday

    7:15     H202

    Ms. Passmonick

    STEM Club       

    STEM Club provides the technology, classroom design, construction kits, and curriculum to challenge students to go beyond their own learning boundaries. Build robots, design a home, computer game coding, 3D printing, makey makey circuits, etc. 


    3:05PM - 4:05PM    J120

    Mr. Goel

    Student Council

    The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills, by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the student council is the voice of the student body. They help share student ideas, interests and concerns with the school wide community. STUCO does some fundraisers selling Boo Grams, Scorpion Grams at Valentines, Spirit Days, Earth Day event. Also, they organized a Food Drive and will do it again this school year. They also create a thank you for teachers for Teacher's Week. 


    Before school      J120

    Mr. Goel and Ms. Butler

    Chorus Club

     A chance to sing and perform more popular music in chorus for people who are in chorus class or who are not!    Perform in concerts alongside chorus classes, perform for elementary schools and other opportunities for school publicity!



    Ms. Kimball

    Fit Club

    Provides gym equipment and resources to work out and demonstrates exercises  



    Ms. Cook

    Art Club

    Students will create art with personal supplies, or limited supplies available in the art room. The available supplies will vary. Students may continue working on their project from art class, free sketch, or complete a suggested activity/prompt. drawing, collage, painting, with safety and proper use training, printmaking, fibers, and ceramics.  


    3:15 - 4:15PM      J112

    Ms. Ting


    The National Junior Honor Society is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding middle level students. More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1929. Service projects


    3:15 - 3:45PM    G206

    Ms. Ochoa, Ms. Bazuin

    Dance Club

    Dance Club will allow students to learn how to choreograph , dance genres and experiment with movement from various cultures Students will create their own dance routines and showcase their creativity, participate in dance challenges or learn new dances to improve their skills. Also, they will explore different cultures and traditions through dance, collaborate with each other to create dances and enjoy music and express themselves through movement.



    Ms. Butler H-203

    Mariachi/Orchestra Club

    Club for KMS students interested in instrumental music. Students enrolled in orchestra or mariachi class, and students not enrolled in orchestra or mariachi class are welcome to join. Instrument is required. Instrumentation: Orchestra - Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass - Mariachi: Violin, Trumpet, Guitarron, Vihuela, Guitar Music performance, rehearsals, instrument sectionals, singing, instrumental instruction, group instruction, individual instruction 


    3:05 - 4:05PM    L105

    Mr. Contreras

    Tex-Mex Conjunto Norteño 

    Club for KMS students interested in instrumental music. Students enrolled in orchestra or mariachi are welcome to join. Students not enrolled in orchestra or mariachi should contact Mr. Contreras. Instrument is required. Previous experience is required. Instrumentation: Violin, Accordion, Bass, Bajo Quinto, Guitar Music performance, rehearsals, instrument sectionals, singing, instrumental instruction, group instruction, individual instruction 


    3:05 - 4:05PM   L105

    Mr. Contreras

    Spanish Tutoring

    Open to all World Language & Dual Language Spanish students who need extra help in mastering concepts. Material review with an emphasis in mnemonic techniques to build memory skills. Absent students and students who need to make-up and/or re-attempt assessments are especially encouraged to attend. 


    3:05 - 4:00PM  F104

    Sra. Berlage

    Jazz Band

    Jazz band for KMS students interested in playing jazz music. Students not enrolled in a band class should contact Ms. Ryan. Instrument and previous instrumental experience are required. Students are encouraged to play "traditional" jazz instruments, but any instrument is welcome. Music performance, rehearsals, individual and group instruction, potentially travel to local jazz band festivals as well.


    Before school

    Ms. Ryan


    The D&D club is a creative and safe space where students are able to open their imagination through a magical and creative game called Dungeons and Dragons!! This is a role playing game where students have the opportunity to play characters. The group of players essentially tell a collective story, guiding heroes through different quests to search for treasure, battle foes, and even carry out rescues. The adventure itself is only limited by the imagination of the players around the table.

    Through the modality of a tabletop game, students are able to use their imagination to play through a storyline to solve problems, collaborate, use their imagination and connect with their peers through a shared love for the Dungeons and Dragons Game.


    3:15 - 4:15PM  H206

    Mrs. Cobb



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